The Classics / 5

Yesterday I was sitting outside my favourite tea room, eating my delicious piece of cake and drinking my white tea with wild berries. And while I was planning my vacation to Corse for the next month, I thought: what should I take with me?

That’s the Classic for l’Ile de BeautĂ©:

the Straw Bag.
image( photo up there by me, taken outside Le Cupcake di Melissa )

I have my old grandma straw bag, the same one she used to go shopping at the market everyday. But I can’t help myself to starry everytime I see one of those pretty little straw bag shop at the seaside.

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The classic straw bag recall the warm atmosphere of the Cote d’Azur or the more vivid and coloured air of Sicily.

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efa0cfa5eb80bb418e61d96d10f0333bChic girls love Classics (it should be clear by now) and a straw bag (but also two, three or twenty six) always find a place in the best wardrobe around the world.

( Olivia Palermo )


( Ines de La Fressagne )

6e059a0c3b589f6d77e219fc21facea4Next to the more classic one there are thousands of variation. And all of them deserve to be owned.




So, that’s just a little part of all the things necessary on a chic Corse vacation.

Stay tuned for more!