Paris is always a good idea.

I’ve been in Paris only two time in my life. The first when i was just seven, with my dad and sister and the only thing I can remember of that time is Disneyland. The second time was during high school, we had a five-day-fulltime-exploration and it was the really first bite of true Paris (including bateau mouche, a night climb over the Eiffel Tower and a visit to Versaille).

But now that many years have passed I’ve collected tons of images, ideas and absolutely-can’t-miss experiences.

Here’s a few of them.

Jardin des Tuileries

The things I love the most to see in all the city I visit are gardens. As a truly Spring-born girl I love nature and I’m fascinated by the sight of the green that finds its place between the buildings. Paris has many great gardens and parks. One of the most famous (and Instagrammed) is the Jardin des Tuileries, with its romantic carousel, the fountain and the sailboat races, the wheel and all the lights.

Jardin de Luxemburg

Musée D’Orsay

You can’t visit a European city and not end up in a museum.

The Louvre

Place du Trocadero, La Tour Eiffel and Champ de Mars

Those are three masterpiece of the parisian experiences to do. First reach the Tour Eiffel, then walk on the top of the Trocadero terrace, enjoy the view, take some photo and relax. Then if you have enough time, or you want to take it easy and “make it like a French girl” you should try a picnic in Champ de Mars. Last but not least, try to organize your time and find a little space for a night sight of the Tour Eiffel. All the light and the sparkle are unforgettable.

The Insiders

I’m a super organized tourist and when I decide to go somewhere I always plan my itinerary carefully. The best way to be sure you won’t miss anything really important is to study how locals live there, and Instagram is great for this scope.

My favourite Paris insiders are three young photographers, and none of them was born in France.

Carin Olsson / Paris in Four Months

Swedish girl, swedish look: great lights, clean pics, large views. I love it.

Haleigh Walsworth / Making Magique

Paris through the eyes of a California girl: dreamy and romantic.

Christine M. Kim / 8 Rue Caffarelli

Another American in Paris, this time from New York. An explosion of lights and nature.

And last, while you’ll be in Paris remember to treat yourself with a little bit of sweetness.


( photo by Paris in Four Months )



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