My dreamy Bday

The countdown for my Birthday has officially started.

Every year the 15th of April the magic takes place. And I know it may look super egocentric but my Bday is the best day, everytime. How could it be possible? Easy! Because on my Birthday my wishes come true. And I do have a lot of great wishes every year. Wanna know some of this time? Here they are sugar.

My dreamy Birthday wishlist.


Since it’s my day I want it to be like me. So I want it to have the light pastel perfect colours of a Wes Anderson movie.

( picture from the set of “The Darjeeling Limited” )

But, let’s talk about treats.

For my wake up I would like to have breakfast in bed with icecream. Just to be sure to have enough sweetness to begin the day.


Then, since I am the Birthday girl, I absolutely expect a cute mini pink cake.

To decorate and make the day even more pink I would also like to receive a flower crown and some balloons, some in pastel colours and some of those in metallic silver shaped like the numbers of your age.

Now the last thing I need to be ready is the right dress. And of course I dream it in pink.

Finally the partygirl is ready, let the party begin!

I always wanted a big garden dinner with a lot of candles and lights and a big table full of delicious food.

Wanna talk about dreamy presents? You’ll be surprised!

The object I think I desire the most right now are champagne glasses. They are so curvy, elegant and chic while you hold them in your hand. Every refined lady hosting a party shows to her guests her best set of champagne glasses. The only problem is that I do not have a house on my own so far.

There are other things for the house that I dream to have, but by now they can just stay as a dream.

So let’s begin with the selfish gifts!

First step: glitter shoes. Absolutely.


Then: a good pair of elegant black trousers.


The last desire of this Spring sweet little creature is a Spring sweet little straw bag.

Do you think I overdid? I don’t think so. In the end there is just one thing I really want.


( all the pictures in this post were found on Pinterest )



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