Rome mini guide

First let me say it: Rome is the most beautiful city in the world.

If you’ve never been here maybe it’s time to seriously start to plan your trip. I visited Rome various time in my life but no one beats the last one, when we (me and my love) go there on August 2014 for just one night. It was a last time decision and we organized our tour in less than a week. So here are my advices and my Rome diary.

Maybe August is not the best time to visit Rome and the weather was extremely hot during the day. But sunshine has its good aspects and we decided to fight the hot climate with a different kind of vacation and, as traditionalist and romantic as we can be, we rented a Vespa Scooter. And it was a great idea. It was a unique experience, the fresh breeze, all the wonderful places of the eternal city running fast beside you, the possibility to easily move from one place to another very fast: I had a huge smile on my face for two entire days. But if maybe you’re not so good at driving a scooter or if you do not feel confident with the traffic of a big city or if you just want to fully enjoy the beutiful sight, I suggest you not to let go your dream of a Vespa ride and visit Scooteroma. They organize Vespa tour with many possibility of different ride and if you prefer you can just be a passenger, they’ll catch you from where you are and you can decide the places you like to visit.

But, let’s go back to my vacation. Here we go with the main stops.

Since it was just a one night stay we decided to book a room into a Bed&Breakfast. We found Casa Banzo because it was in a very central position, just behind Campo de’Fiori and near to Isola Tiberina. It was situate inside a beautiful palace with a court where we could park the Vespa for the night.


(all the pictures in this post are made by me)

Then our first stop was the Testaccio Market. During this trip to Rome we decided to leave out all the tipical and most famous (and tourist) places and instead try to explore more the real city, to live a little part of real Roman’s life. So we went lunch at the Market, enjoyed a weird sandwich and walked around the district.

Then we took the Vespa and reached the district that, since then, has become my absolutely favourite one: Aventino hill. The first place to see here is ,without doubt, the Orange’s Garden. The trees create a long hallway that ends with a big terrace from where you can experience a great view of the entire city. Then just next to the garden there is the Santa Sabina Church.

Before leaving for our next stop we also saw into the famous keyhole in Square of the Knights of Malta where you can perfectly see the dome of S. Peter’s Cathedral.


Hop on the Vespa again, next stop are the Baths of Caracalla. We were never been here before and we were really impressed by the size of this place and the great light that reigned there.

The day is about to end and we are getting hungry, so we go back to our room. A quick shower and we’re out again so we decide to move by foot for the evening. We are really starving and while we are crossing the bridge that connects the Tiberina island we buy a grilled corn cob from a nice oldman. We have dinner at The Fish Market in Trastevere. They serve fresh fish everyday. You can choose the fish you prefer and they just cook it to you, or you can pick up your meal from the daily menu. We took some grilled fish and plate of pasta con le telline. Delicious.

We are big fans of the film director Nanni Moretti, so to end up our night we went to his open cinema (a film under the stars, how could we be more romantic?). The day is over, we are super tired. Goodnight.
It’s day 2 in Rome and we go breakfast in Campo de’Fiori. Then straight to Piazza Navona.


The only Museum we visited in this vacation is the National Roman Museum of Altemps Palace. I’ve never been here before and there were at least five people inside, so we had a joyful visit undisturbed and without pressure of others. Then the Museum was full of great works.

The last place we visited is a park on a hill just behind the Colosseum which is called Park of Hill Oppio. We refreshed from the hot sun and while relaxing on a bench we delighted a great view of the Closseum, without a crowd around, just us two.



Sadly our trip ends here, but before returning the vespa and take the train we had a last sweet stop.


On the way back home we made a promise: Rome, every year, forever.



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