Sicilian dream

In September we had a vacation to Sicily.

It has been a short and troubled one (I had fever for mostly of the time) but I keep in my mind some landscapes really breathtaking. So let me introduce you my little photodiary of that unique experience.

( all the photos in this post are made by me )

The location.

We decided to stay in San Vito lo Capo, a small town situated near to Trapani. It’s a typical tourist destination made for families mainly to enjoy the sea and relax. The small city overlooks a huge beach of fine and light sand.


As I told you I had fever for most of the time and, since I couldn’t take a bath or even a sunbath, I had to pass the time as well as I could. So I delighted in making sandcastles, with bad results.


The hotel.

One of my favourite thing about this trip was absolutely our room.

We stayed at the Hotel Vento del Sud. I found this hotel on the web and immediately fall in love with its rooms. Everyone is different from the others and they all represent a different Mediterranean location. Of course we booked the best one: Hammamet. The staff was very kind and the breakfast buffet super rich, everyday with a different homemade cake and both sweet or salt dishes.

The food.

San Vito lo Capo is famous for the Cous Cous Festival, it takes place every year at the end of September but you can enjoy this traditional plate all season. Obviously we had a lot of seafood and since we were in Sicily we tasted also typical arancinie (with peas and meat sauce, delicious) and granatine.

The excursion.

On our last day on the island when finally I felt better we made an excursion to the Zingaro Natural Reserve. There are many bus companies that organize transports from the city centre to the reserve, they take you there in the morning and then they bring you back at your hotel in the evening. Inside the Reserve cars aren’t allowed so you must go by foot and there are no services inside so you also have to provide food and drinks before going inside. There are a dozen of small beaches each more beautiful than the other, but it’s up to you to decide which you prefer to visit also according to your hiking abilities.

It’s a little bit laborious but it really worth the pain.


Unfortunately it was only a small taste of Sicily, but we’re already planning to return in the future.



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