The Classics / 3.

Good taste never sleeps. But since we are humans and we need it let’s see how to stay chic even in bed.

Today’s classic is an after 22:00 (or a 24/24 if it’s Sunday), here for you:

the Male Blue Pajama.

b5e455e3604b0b84ffef1eab87391a8a( Audrey Hepburn in “Charade” )

Maybe you’ve never thought very much about how you dress for sleeping, but I think everyone should do it for many reason.

First during the night there might be an earthquake or a fire and it wouldn’t be nice that the whole neighborhood saw you with that sweatshirt you owned for 12 years and the pants inside socks (I know you do).

Then because I think that if you go sleep in your pretty, blue, perfect pajama and it makes you feel good while you’re falling asleep, maybe you will still feel that gorgeous even when you’ll wake up. And if the sound of the alarm clock in the morning is like a horror movie soundtrack for you like it is for me, then feeling gorgeous helps a lot.

Let’s see some of my favourites.

(pajamas from SleeperJCrew and Journelle )

Flannel, cotton or silk: there’s a perfect blue pajama for every season.

You just have to find the right one for you, fall in love with it, put it on for a whole day and feel Sparkling Shiny and Gorgeous.

Bonne nuit!



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