The Classics / 2

Here we are at the second episode of our wardrobe essentials. And since a woman should be chic from head to toe, the second place goes to girl’s best friends (no I’m not talking about diamonds):

The black ballet flats.

0b76af4e57da7f0cb870f521f880a10f( the photo up there is from Condé Nast Traveler’s article  “Tips for dressing like a French woman” by Carin Olsson from Paris in Four Months )

A pair of black ballet flats are doubtless girl’s best friend. You just have to put on them to instantly feel like a parisian girl (a young Brigitte Bardot if you’re confident enough of you). They are chic and elegant and you can wear them almost in every season (with the right tricks).

(black ballet flats from Repetto, Porselli and Josefinas)

There are many good brands that produce black flats. In France I think that the first place goes to Repetto, they make handmade shoes since 1947 and they also created a special model (the “Cendrillon”) for Brigitte Bardot.

Porselli are the main and most famous ballet shoes producer in Italy, their firm was founded in 1919 by Eugenio Porselli and they still create new models, always using the finest leather product.

My latest discovery in shoes is the Josefinas brand. They produce ballet flats in Portugal, they use genuine leather and their models are so clean and perfect that they make you want to have them all.

( Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats and Alexa Chung )

Well then if you have a special budget or if you want to treat yourself with a super cute pair of ballets then you can’t miss the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats. They’re a fashion girl’s must have and all the chic girl all over the planet have fallen in love with them (as Alexa Chung up here,Taylor Swift, Poppy Delevingne, Jessica Alba, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy and so on).

So if you don’t have one pair of gorgeous black flats consider the idea of get one, then when you’ll wear them ask yourself :

“How did I live so far without them?”

For what concerns me I decided to make myself a well invested money Bday gift this year and buy a pair of black Porselli.

The only bad news is that my Birthday comes in April.



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