The Classics / 1

We all know, there are some timeless pieces that every woman should own.
There are thousands of lists or top ten that you can find in the web and they’re all different. Or better they all share some unquestionable highlights, but after the white shirt and the black pair of jeans they follow the preferences of the writer.
And I don’t know what to do with a pair of shiny red heels.

So here’s my personal collection of Classics pieces.

The first place goes to my absolute favourite piece ever, that one I’ll never stop searching, buying and wearing for the next 80 years. A navy classic, something that impressed Coco Chanel much that she herself began to wear it. A typical childhood wearing but all chic girls have one, from Brigitte Bardot to Olivia Palermo.

Ladies and Gentlemen: la marinière.


( Brigitte Bardot in Saint Tropez )

I have many striped shirt but I can’t help myself stop buying them anytime I meet one. We go from the easy Tshirt with classic blue stripes, the long sleeves one, the winter one, the silky one and then all the rainbow of possible colours or the inverted, with a coloured background and white stripes.

Marinière is a world itself and it can be declined in a thousand way.

Let’s see some.

( Audrey Tatou in “Coco avant Chanel” and Haleigh Walsworth from Making Magique )

The easy way.

That’s the one I like the most, it’s extremely easy: you just have to wear your underwear, put on a pair of jeans, skirt, shorts a curtain or whatever you like, choose a pair of glitter shoes and then jump into your truly loved striped one. Here you are: shiny, happy and perfect.

( Emmanuelle Alt, Jeanne Damas and Kate Moss )

The badass way.

That’s a little bit more difficult. First you need a leather jacket (the fur collar will give you a more dramatic touch). An essential part is not to brush your hair at least since a week before, then put on a pair of black boots, black jeans and of course your marinière. Now just show off your bad girl face and conquer the world.

( Olivia Palermo and Leandre Medine from Man Repeller )

The It girl way.

That’s the hardest one to get because it needs a long mind process of persuasion. It could take hours, days or months but at the end you should be able to stand in front of you mirror and say loud:
“I’m a It girl, I don’t give a fuck.”
Than it’s made. usually this kind of girls just walk along their wardrobe with her eyes closed and their instinct choose the outfit and the results is gorgeous. But the best part is that, even if you are dressed like a psycho after twenty years passed into a madhouse, you will still get out in the street sure that you look fabulous and that’s what people will think too.

Now that you have a clear idea of the huge potential of this little piece of cloth, go into your room and begin the excavation of the mountain of clothes in your wardrobe (it may be necessary to give a little look also at your mum or sister one), find your mariniere (and if you don’t have one start to cry, go out and buy one), create your own way to wear it and sparkle.



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