Oh my Sofia

Let’s start to know us a little bit more by introducing you some of my biggest passions.

It’s been a hard decision but first place goes to Sofia Coppola.999707_181549115360336_1114035183_n

Sofia Coppola came into my life in 2010 (yeah I know it’s a bit too late, but they’ve been five intense years of love) when she directed an ad for Miss Dior Cherie, and it was love at first sight.


The Bardot song, the joie de vivre, the pastel colours and the soft light of Paris: it was too much. And as Stephen at the end of the second chapter of the Dedalus I have melted myself into that sweet world and still nowadays I’m there.

Miss Dior has become my fragrance, my room is pink and sometimes I catch myself still daydreaming singing “moi je joue“.

Then I slowly discovered all the magical Sofia world and every movie had to me the same fascination.

But Sofia is at the first place not only because of her works. She’s the first because she’s herself a source of inspiration. She incarnate all the qualities I think a chic woman should have. Her style is clean, classic, she often wears black (and I love it), she wears midi hair and wool sweater even at events.

 Last but not least she also designed a bag for Louis Vuitton, the Sofia Coppola bag of course.

And guess what? I just love it.

ede75da21ac9ab4513b335101f680fdb  So next time you’re in front of your wardrobe and maybe you’ve been there fixing nowhere for 20 minutes, just stop and ask yourself:

“What would Sofia wear?”



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