Come here sweetie


A great passion, that takes my mind for most of the time during a normal day in my life, is pastry making.

I started baking many years ago and even if I’ve never made any study about it, I practiced a lot and i can proudly say that in family I’m considered a pretty good pastry chef.

I consider pastry making a real form of art. And I totally agree with Julia Child when she say that “A party without a cake is just a meeting.”. If you just stop and think for a moment about all the really good family memories or important goals of your life, I guess that all of you will always (or almost) find a small cake in it, or a confectionery or something sweet in general.
And I think that it is true also in the opposite direction, or rather that if you make a good cake, or maybe just a little cute eclair, you can transform every time into a great time.

Cakes warm hearts, all the work and the time you invest by making and decorating accurately them, just show the love and the care you feel for others.
I hope (and I’ll try of course) to publish some of my creations as soon as possible.

Since that time I’ll show you some pics I found on Pinterest that inspire my inner chef.



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